Thursday, June 26, 2014

Go Figure.

Lately, no such medium suits for me to pour my feelings.
I lost my one and only listener.
I've grown a part from friends.
Was never that honest and open with family.

All that for a guy.
A guy I though worth the chase.
I left everything I've ever worked for.

He needed support,
I'm there.

He needed motivation,
I'm there.

He needed ideas,
I'm there.

He needed a helping hand, happiness, cure for his loneliness,
I was there. Being at best I can afford to do.

All that,
And yet he is still ashamed to call me his friend.
To his family and friends, I'm  nothing but his despatch.

It hurts every time you hear him sigh
" At my worst, no one's there but my mom."

For F sake, I'd sacrifice my time, money, effort and relationship for you.

You would rather go around sending template message to Educated Pretty girls,
than be seen with me. I know.

Claiming you're not the stereotype kinda guy, when you only seek for the same criteria standards of girls.

I never belittle your outer beauty in the past.
It's part of growing up, it's the present you that I like.

Despite all the effort of you separating what I had,
Now you questioned why I'd left?
I was left.

So you go around telling people how you seek true love.
Someone who would be there for you rain or shine,
rich or poor, good and hard times.

I left my confirmed happiness for you.
All I lack are the education, looks and standard.

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